We believe that a quality public space is based on social values. 
The identity of a certain place is given by the street furniture design, it conveys to people the feeling of belonging to a place of their own and encourages interaction and dialogue. Our aim is to achieve this goal through innovative design combined with technologies used in the integrated concepts of smart city and thus to convert the negative social effects of technology for an urban setting that stimulates human relations.


URBISON implements the concept of Smart City by using systems of solar panels to capture and store solar energy. This will be subsequently used for public lighting, electronic displays feed, but also for the operation of sensors, Wi-Fi system and USB ports for charging mobile devices.


Compact design
Openness to people and city


Although we offer a limited number of types of materials, aesthetic and chromatic versatility is allowed.
The street furniture will display the finishing and colors that best suited to the needs of urban areas where it is to be placed, in accordance with principles of integration in existing urban landscape or intentionally creating a contrast and signal elements.